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Our mission is to establish and support free, high quality, values-based charter schools for students historically underserved by traditional public schools.
At University Prep Value High School, we believe students deserve every opportunity to make smart, well-informed choices that prepare them for college and beyond. The proven success of our “UP Process” provides students with opportunities to identify their strengths, weaknesses, and career interests. 

Where our students say...

  • I belong in this academic community;
  • My ability and competence grow with my effort;
  • I can succeed at this; and
  • This work has value for me.
The Impact of Giving Back

The Impact of Giving Back

At University Prep Value High School, every student commits to developing a plan for college and/or career. And, every student is encouraged to GIVE BACK. This graphic not only represents the significant amount of time dedicated by our students to community service but also quantifies the economic impact our collective efforts are having on our local community. It provides a clear visualization of the positive contributions we are making and highlights the meaningful difference we are capable of creating together.
  • Value Schools Students:1,666
  • English Language Learners:28%
  • Socioeconomically Disadvantaged:95%
  • High School Graduates:97%
  • College Ready Graduates:83%
  • Accepted to 4-year Universities:73%

Realize The Experiences

Discover the stories

Valentine C., senior at Central City Value High School, plans to attend Dartmouth College in New Hampshire.

Value Schools Has Much to Celebrate!

This time of year marks a pivotal moment for our seniors as they navigate the challenges of college applications. With only one semester of high school remaining, they have a palpable sense of anticipation. What will life look like after high school?
we treasure your commitment to deepening our students' educational experience. We invite you to consider making a year-end donation to Value Schools to further support our students and the programs that shape their futures.

Grateful to The Ahmanson Foundation

Thanks to a generous gift from the Ahmanson Foundation, we have completed the breathtaking play space at Everest Value School. This new turf ensures that students from Everest Value and Central City Value can now fully utilize the soccer field in an exhilarating way.

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