Capital Group and Northwestern Mutual Invest in our Students' Futures

Capital Group and Northwestern Mutual Invest in our Students' Futures
Our kindergarten students and their parents at Value Schools understand the importance of education. In fact, it is the first value our students recite at morning ceremony: "I believe that going to school is the most important thing I can do right now." Thanks to this pilot program, families are recognizing the importance of financial planning for their daughters' and sons' education in shaping their future.
The Capital Group team with Value Schools Board Member Erika Martinez and Foundation President David Doyle.Driven by their profound passion for education, Capital Group associates, Darcy Garcia, Adam Phillips and Rachel Ramos worked to provide young learners and their families with financial literacy and 529 education accounts. Ramon Rodriguez and Ricardo Leonardo and their team at Northwestern Mutual provided financial planning for our parents.
This pilot program establishes the groundwork for future educational opportunities. Each eligible kindergarten student at Value Schools received $1,000 for their 529 accounts. Their parents control the funds and receive support from financial advisors at Northwestern Mutual. Parents are encouraged to contribute to the account over the next 12 years so their daughters and sons can pursue their dreams in college.
Families received financial planning options from Northwestern Mutual advisors before choosing the direction of their 529 account.
We express our gratitude to the donors at Capital Group for their unwavering dedication and belief in the transformative power of education. Their generosity will make a tremendous impact on the lives of our young learners and their families.
The teams from Capital Group and Northwestern Mutual helped create 529 education accounts for our kindergarten students.
By providing access to financial planning and funding opportunities for these accounts, we are empowering our families for a future in college. At Value Schools we believe this program supports our mission.