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Clubs and Activities

Student-run, Faculty-facilitated Clubs and Activities

University Prep Value High School students are encouraged to explore the passions they have and to expand the experiences they need to be successful in the 21st Century. They are more than just students - they are activists, athletes, actors, and authors. They celebrate culture, play music, and create art. They are leaders, readers, and eaters.

Whatever their passion, there is always a way to expand horizons through a wide range of student- and staff-led clubs, networks, publications, and organizations.

University Prep Value High School offers students an opportunity to participate in:

  • Growth Club Moderator- Mr. Ruano 
  • Ciao UP Moderator - Ms. Carmona
  • AO4E (Angelenos Organizing for Education) Moderators - Ms. Davis & Ms. Temple 
  • Active Minds Moderator - Ms. Gold
  • Anime Club Moderator - Ms. Sanchez
  • Art Club Moderator - Ms. Butterfield
  • Amnesty International Moderator - Mr. Kajitor
  • Cooking Club Moderator - Ms. Sanchez
  • Undocumented & Allies Moderator - Mrs. Meza
  • Weightlifting Club Moderator -  Mr. Chavez
  • Le Badminton Club Moderator - Mr. Chang
  • Crocheting and Embroidery Club Moderator - Mr. Ripley
  • Digital Rhythm Club Moderator - Ms. Gonzalez
  • E-Sports Moderator - Mr. Zepeda
  • Video Game Club Moderator - Mr. Zepeda
  • Yugioh Club Moderator - Mr. Magdaleno
  • Zumba Club Moderator - Ms. Delgado
If students have an idea and are interested in becoming a student leader and developing a new club, they can complete an application for their idea in the main office.

All University Prep Value HS Club Moderators and Student Leaders are responsible for ensuring that the club, teacher moderator, and student members follow the guidelines below:

  1. Teachers, Staff or Faculty can only be a club moderator for two clubs.
  2. To ensure students have more flexibility in the clubs they would like to participate in, clubs will meet on Thursdays and Fridays. They can specify if they would like to meet during nutrition, lunch, or afterschool. Only one meeting time per week will be permitted.
  3. Each club will receive a budget that will be determined once all student clubs receive approval. The amount may change based on the number of clubs approved for each school year.
  4. All clubs requiring outside activity must have the approval of the administration before any field trip is approved. Any outside activities will require a permission slip be signed by parents.
  5. The club moderator should keep an active roster of people in their club. This will help University Prep Value determine if a student is on campus, especially when parents call the front office.
  6. To encourage inclusivity, each club must be open to all 9-12th grade students.

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