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Parent Partnerships

Opportunities for Parent Involvement

Research and common sense tell us that when parents and schools work together, the academic and social achievement of students is much higher. Here at University Prep Value, we aim to work together to ensure students receive a high quality education and have access to colleges and universities. Together, we are part of the indispensable fabric of our community's success.

Parents are welcome to volunteer in a variety of capacities. From fundraisers, scholarship workshops, FAFSA (Federal Student Aid) workshops, college nights, student awards assemblies, regular parent meetings, board meetings and more, parents are welcome to attend, and support students and teachers as they prepare students for college and beyond. Most meetings and events are held during evening hours to accommodate working parents.

English Learner Advisory Council (ELAC):

This parent council works with school leadership to ensure English Learners receive the services necessary to achieve proficiency in English, enroll in college preparatory classes, and attain higher academic achievement. The ELAC helps develop a master plan for bilingual students, identifies needs and helps set program goals and objectives for the English language learner community. If your student has not been reclassified as proficient in English (RFEP), this council works with you and other families of English Leanrners to ensure appropriate programs and projects are supported. 

See school calendar for upcoming meeting dates and times, and ELAC Agendas and Minutes.

School Site Council:

This council the council is in charge of parent meetings throughout the year. It also serves as our Title I Parent Compact, ensuring that together parents, teachers, and school personnel can improve the academic achievement of every student. The Council also reviews the schools' budget to ensure alignment of school expenditures, and reviews data on student achievement, helping the school evaluate and plan for increased student success based on aggregated findings. It also engages in traditional parent events such as fundraising and school community building activities. Parents, students, teachers and administrators are participants in the council. The contact person should a parent wish to be involved is: Robert Poyer, Principal, (213) 382-1223.

See school calendar for upcoming meeting dates and times, and School Site Council Agendas and Minutes.

Board Meetings

Board Meetings for University Prep Value High School are held quarterly. We have at least one parent board member, and all parents are invited to attend meetings.  Board meeting dates are posted here and on the school communication board on the way into the main office. 

Parent Volunteers

If parents would like to be involved in any way with helping students in classes, parent activities,or even helping to clean or beautify the school, they should contact Ashley Charles, Office Manager, (213) 382-1223.

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