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Student Council

Research shows that students perform better academically, socially, and emotionally when they are meaningfully engaged, contributing members of a school with a positive, caring, equitable school climate. University Prep Value knows the influence and impact students can have on their own school community, particularly when they are trusted and involved in creative decisions from the start.

We believe our students must work to make the world in which they want be, and to create a school they want to experience every day. Creating a positive school culture for students, teachers and families alike begins by encouraging students to take on leadership roles.

Developing self-leadership and integrity helps students understand they can have a positive influence on their peers and on their world. The student leadership program at University Prep Value helps young adults foster a deep understanding of their impact now and into the future.

Student Body Representatives and Roles

President: This student is responsible and committed to the Leadership Council group. They are dedicated to ensure that LC organizes and hosts events that build community for the students of UPVHS and host or organize events that give back to our Pico-Union community. The President will also serve as an advocate and lead the Leadership Council, preside over meetings, and all other duties as assigned.

Vice President: This student is responsible and committed to the Student Body President and Leadership Council. The Vice President works closely with the President to ensure the success of the Leadership Council group and the UPVHS community they serve. In the absence of the President, the Vice President must step in and lead events, including Community Time. They are also responsible for all other duties as assigned.

Treasurer: This student is responsible for our Leadership Council budget. This includes monitoring and tracking individual event budgets, maintaining a record of our Leadership Council budget and working closely together with Ms. Gomez to submit funds collected from all events (and all other duties as assigned).

Secretary: This student is responsible for documenting our Leadership Council events and meetings, detailed note-taking, and a recording of all meetings (and all other duties as assigned).

Historian: This student is responsible for posting and updating all social media accounts for UPVHS. In addition to working closely with Ms. Gomez on these accounts, this student will also continuously keep the bulletin boards up to date to exemplify the values of our school and the events we host (and all other duties as assigned).

Additional roles:

  • 9th Grade Communications Chair
  • 10th Grade Communications Chair
  • 11th Grade Communications Chair
  • 12th Grade Communications Chair
  • Bulletin Communications Chair
  • Campus Beautification Chair
  • Community Service Chair
  • Graphic/Poster Design Chair
  • Publicity Chair
  • Publicity Co-Chair

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