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Academic Excellence, Our First Value

On November 18, 2014 the Los Angeles Board of Education approved the charter for the second high school in the Value Schools system.

University Prep Value High School is located in the Pico-Union neighborhood and offers a challenging university preparatory curriculum. University Prep uses the Common Core State Standards to prepare each student to be successful in any four-year university in the country. Principal Robert Poyer is dedicated to challenge the students, parents and faculty to create an exceptional school community by putting the school's values into action. Students have access to honors and advanced placement (AP) classes, as well as other courses meant to prepare them for the rigors of university level courses. The goal: 100% acceptance to 4 year universities.

At University Prep Value High School, we believe students deserve every opportunity to make smart, well-informed choices that prepare them for college and beyond. The proven success of our “UP Process” provides students with opportunities to identify their strengths, weaknesses, and career interests. 

University Prep Value StudentsAs part of freshman matriculation, incoming 9th graders work with the College Counseling Team to complete a personalized, four-year educational plan and career interest profile. As a core part of the “UP Process,” every student commits to developing a plan for college and/or career.  No one is left behind. All students will take rigorous UC approved courses that develop students’ critical thinking skills, collaborative working skills, study skills, and communication skills necessary for success in college and in life. University Prep Value High School offers:

  • Values Seminars
  • Financial aid workshops
  • College tours and visits
  • University speakers
  • Partnerships with Noonan Scholars and Escalera Para Los Ninos
  • Khan Academy Curriculum
  • Advanced Placement classes
  • Internship Partnerships 
  • College and Career Counseling
The young women and men who will make a difference are those that have received a sound education. They embody

the five core values and are citizens who:

  • actively seek to learn throughout their lives;
  • have both the basic knowledge and skills that all persons can acquire and the refinement of those special talents that each person possesses;
  • respect every person and work to promote the dignity of each person;
  • find that when collaborating with others their community can develop more fully than when individuals act on their own;
  • give something back to society through civic and political participation, family life and community service.

If you are interested in visiting our campus please contact Principal Robert Poyer to arrange a student-guided tour.
University Prep Students giving back
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