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Visual and Performing Arts Program

Visual Arts

The visual arts program at University Prep Value High School is lead by Ms. Butterfield who teaches Studio Art, Graphic Design, and Yearbook. Studio Art and Graphic Design at University Prep focus on engaging students through interdisciplinary, collaborative, hands-on art projects with a social justice lens that empowers students to express themselves and give back to their community. Past projects have included Values Portraits of individuals who “live the values”, collaborative murals with local artists, and a published collaborative book about famous artists made by students and their impact on the world.

Take a look at Ms. Butterfield’s website for descriptions of projects and examples of student work.

Quinn Butterfield

As an art educator it is my aim to cultivate a thriving creative atmosphere that promotes individual intrinsic motivation through engagement in inventive problem solving, collaboration, communication, and reflection, during interdisciplinary hands-on projects. As a teacher it is my role to facilitate student learning as well as provide mentorship, art direction, and inspiration for students to do well in my class. I strive to create an environment were students feel comfortable with themselves, with their art, with their peers, and with myself, so that they can actively learn, discuss, create, and share.

My art classroom is a place for students to experience what it is like to work as an artist. They will be given freedom in the classroom so that they can build a studio practice of their own. Students will sit in a formation that promotes communication and collaboration by never having students’ backs towards each other. They will be able to choose where they want to sit because even individual art production is improved by dialogue and student problem solving. I will play music in the art classroom so that students can work in a creative environment. I will show students examples of famous works of art and the work of current local artists so that they have points of inspiration and can make connections to what we are doing in class to the professional world. I will encourage group and class discussions about topics that students are interested in so that students can find their voices and learn how to use them in dialogue and in their art. All of these techniques combined with engaging, hands-on projects, and intentional positive interactions, work together to create a positive learning climate and community.

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Preforming Arts


The drama department here at University Prep is led by Ms.Jackson. Through theater and drama, we seek to empower students through the performing arts and encourage creativity and confidence. Students are able to develop skills in communication, collaboration, and leadership. Our first production was the famous musical Into the Woods and we are excited to bring more performances to our community in the future. This year, University Prep has partnered with Theater of Hearts to bring the value of the performing arts to distance learning. The drama department is incredibly proud of the work we have produced and we will continue to serve and entertain our community.