News & Announcements

The Lego STEAM Program

Principal Chris Medinger introduced the LEGO STEAM program at Everest Value to give students a creative outlet to design structures and build a LEGO City.

Giving Back Project

We are fortunate to have leaders from Los Angeles who volunteer their time and treasure to serve on our Value Schools Board of Directors and Foundation Board. Over the last few months we have interviewed each member of both boards to capture their story. We are creating plaques for each member to display at our schools to celebrate their generosity and inspire others to practice our values.

Career Exploration

Linda Gunn, President of Gunn-Jerkens Communications and Marketing, was instrumental with our launch of the We Climb capital campaign. Linda toured University Prep Value during its second year when it was located on the 4th floor of an office building on Wilshire Blvd. in downtown Los Angeles. She was immediately impressed with our students and the mission of Value Schools. She said, “How can I help?”

Graduate Mixer: To-and-Through

With the support of Foundation Board members Jody Foldesy and Amanda Sweeney, the Value Schools To-and-Through Committee is planning an exciting mixer for our college-bound students.

Michael Chipman Concert

We introduced Michael to our singers at Everest Value last spring where he donated his book, Sing Your Way to College, to our students and spoke with them about following their dreams in music.

Deborah Santana

Value Schools was introduced to Ms. Deborah Santana last summer when she participated in a tour of Central City Value and the Everest Value construction site on Madison Avenue. Central City Value alumna and current USC student Chanel Williams led the tour and discussed her experience in high school.

Griffith Park Observatory and Huntington Library

Value Schools is developing an educational relationship with the Griffith Park Observatory. Based on this relationship, we are providing our students with a pathway to explore this iconic site and boost our curricular experiences.

New Leadership at Value Schools

On behalf of the Value Schools Board of Directors, I want to tell you about some exciting changes to our senior leadership structure that will position us to broaden and deepen the services and opportunities we provide for the families we serve. This is all very good news!
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