News & Announcements

Club Rush Success

University Prep Celebrates another great success with Club Rush Completion this week!

Value Schools Board Member and His Personal Everest

Tom has pushed through snow, slid over ice, and rerouted for fire; he’s summited the highest peaks and searched for water in the driest of deserts. He’s done all this with wind-ripped tents, trail-torn shoes, and more blisters than he can count.

Groundbreaking News!

At long last we can bring you tangible evidence of all your efforts to create a campus worthy of the phenomenal Everest Value School community.

Fourth Annual Financial Literacy Course

Recognizing students need more than basic language and math to be prepared for careers and life, board members Jeff Garcia, Vince Gonzales and Grant Cambridge reprised their “Financial Literacy” course for the fourth year.

2021 Jerry Awards

Each year since 2015 Value Schools celebrates the Jerry Awards. The award is named for our founder, Dr. Jerome Porath, who founded Value Schools in 2000.
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